• How to: Host the most kickass Rock Band 2 party

    It’s been five days since the release of RB2 and the weekend is almost here. Any plans? No? How about you, yes you, host the most kickass rock-n-roll RB2 party this weekend? We will, with the help of Wired, provide you with a handful of options to unleash the maximum potential of your newly purchased RB2 software. Read More

  • How To: Unlock all tracks in Rock Band 2

    Remember the unlock code from the first one? Yeah, it’s the same thing – Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue. Read More

  • Rock Band 2 going live on September 14 for Xbox 360 with a couple caveats

    Rock ‘n’ Roll, sort of. The disc for RB2 (shipping today) will arrive on retail shelves the 14th, but the wireless drums and guitars won’t be in stores until later in the week. The software will cost $60 while the drums will set you back $90 and the guitar will be $70. And don’t forget about the Mad Catz RB bass or the RB ION drum rocker. Read More

  • Harmonix hints at music creator tool for Rock Band

    Life is full of tough decisions. Weighing in on the choice of which game fans should buy this fall, the new Rock Band or the new Guitar Hero, MTV’s Multiplayer gaming blog uncovered a hint to features that might be coming to Harmonix’s Rock Band in the future. This from a Harmonix PR guy: “We’ve talked about doing a music creator. We’ve actually done them before… Read More

  • Rock Band 2 XBOX 360 Bundle not coming 'till October?

    Rock Band groupies aren’t going to like this. It seems that Harmonix has pushed the Rock Band 2 XBOX 360 Bundle Edition’s early release back to October 19. For those not keeping track, that was the date the standalone game was shipping for all platforms. ¬†Originally, a wanna-be-rock’r could pick up the program a month early on September 14, but that person would have to… Read More

  • Some ‘Rock Band 2’ details for your perusal

    Hey, look at that fancy guitar there, wouldja? That’s what you’ll get if you buy Rock Band 2 when it comes out in the fall. If you already own the first Rock Band and you purchased any songs for it, they’ll all transfer over to Rock Band 2. Glory be! Kotaku tells us that you’ll also get new drums with “a metal reinforced pedal, quieter pads, velocity… Read More

  • Guitar Hero World controller released

    I like the look of this thing better. Looks more like my guitar, which I think is good because my guitar is good-looking, even if I can’t play it worth a damn. As you can see, it’s got a knob to serve as a whammy bar (I’m guessing), as well as a touch-sensitive bar for bending and sliding notes and even an accelerometer to activate your thrashing super powers. Nice little… Read More

  • Rock Band 2 cover art revealed?

    The blokes over at Joystiq just received two potential cover art samples for Rock Band 2. A survey conducted by Listen Research appears to be the venue from which these scans were obtained. Participants in the survey were asked the following questions. * Indicate which of the two covers below would attract you more if you were shopping for a new game in a store.
    * Indicate which game… Read More

  • Fake: MTV news reports Harmonix to follow Rock Band with new game: Record Label

    Very funny, MTV News. You thought you’d wait a full 8 days after April Fools to try to pull one over on us, but I’m onto you. According to the site, Harmonix is set to follow up the hit Rock Band with a larger-scope game called Record Label, where you use payola, pre-fab producers, and scantily clad teen pop stars to get as far ahead in the music biz as you can. The game uses… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Harmonix hates Nintendo for not including a hard drive in the Wii, hence no DLC

    Flickr’d Rock Band‘s creators say Nintendo goofed by not including a hard drive in the Wii. Without the drive, Harmonix argues, there’s no way it can offer downloadable content, or DLC in the vernacular. DLC for Rock Band usually chimes in at around 30MB per song; the Wii only has 512MB of internal storage. What hath God wrought? Not much, apparetly. Read More

  • Rock Band coming to Wii in June

    Attention Wii owners: Rock Band is coming June 22, but you won’t have the Music Store or be able to rock online. In lieu of that you’ll get five bonus songs that are more than likely ones that are downloadable now. That’s craptastic. It will retail for $170. Rock Band Finally Rocking Wii In June [Wired] Read More