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Telegraph Academy Bootcamp Teaches People Of Color How To Code

Where are all the people of color in engineering roles at tech companies? Berkeley, Calif.-based coding bootcamp Telegraph Academy, which plans to relocate to Oakland in the next few months, wants to

Handcuffs For Hacker Schools? Why A “Code Of Conduct” For Coding Bootcamps Could Actually Be Good For The Ecosystem

The explosion in both online and offline programming platforms over the last year has made one thing clear: Learning to code is hot. (With two “t’s.”) Well, that and the fact that ou

Reddit Insight Is An Awesome Hack That Reveals How The Internet’s ‘Front Page’ Really Works

Anyone who has had their website get some traction on <a target="_blank" href="http://www.reddit.com">Reddit</a> knows that it truly lives up to its "front page of the Internet" <a target="_blank" hre