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  • Gunnar Optiks Intros Glasses For The Call Of Duty Obsessed

    Gunnar Optiks Intros Glasses For The Call Of Duty Obsessed

    With the new Call of Duty game hitting shelves soon, Gunnar Optiks has released a limited edition pair of Modern Warfare 3 gaming glasses that promise to please the eyes of even the most obsessed gamers. Well, that’s the claim, anyway. You see, Gunnar Optiks peddles special glasses meant for people who find themselves in front of screens all day. They’re said to reduce eye strain… Read More

  • Get Rich Or Die Trying: 50 Cent Invests In Gunnar Optiks Hi-Tech Eyewear Company

    Guess who’s invested just a li’l bit in Gunnar Optiks, a high-end “digital performance eyewear” company? Hip-Hop’s own 50 Cent, that’s who! He lets his watch talk for him, his whip talk for him, his 3D GLASSES~! talk for him… Read More

  • Review: Gunnar Optiks 3D glasses

    There’s no doubt about it: 3D is here to stay. Although it’s been almost two years since I gawked at 3D TVs at IFA 2008, there’s still little penetration in the consumer space. Hollywood is going gangbusters with the technology, though: 25 major films are slated to be released in 3D in 2011, and DreamWorks and Disney have promised that all of their animated films will be… Read More