Get Rich Or Die Trying: 50 Cent Invests In Gunnar Optiks Hi-Tech Eyewear Company

Guess who’s invested just a li’l bit in Gunnar Optiks, a high-end “digital performance eyewear” company? Hip-Hop’s own 50 Cent, that’s who! He lets his watch talk for him, his whip talk for him, his 3D GLASSES~! talk for him…

Yes, just as 50 Cent invested in Vitamin Water in the middle of the decade (and saw his investment pay off to the tune of $100 million when Vitamin Water’s parent company was bought by Coca-Cola), 50 has now thrown his money, and his celebrity, behind the eyewear company.

Gunnar Optiks sells various types of glasses that are designed for today’s various digital pastimes. For example, there’s a pair that helps reduce the eye strain associated with staring at LCDs all day long. So amazing.

Probably “hottest” (i.e., the glasses with the most heat) would be its line of “stylish” 3D glasses, an idea I promoted in our chartroom well over a year ago. And they called me a wanksta! All you’d need is some silly celebrity to wear the glasses at a movie premiere and you’d be set. (Of course, that idea required capital, which I certainly didn’t, and still don’t, have.)

Gunnar Optiks hasn’t revealed how much 50 has invested, but it’s said that 50 patiently waited before actually putting his money into the company. Gunnar initially only wanted a typical celebrity endorsement deal, but 50 was like, “Come on, I don’t know what you take me for” but let me be a proper investor.”

Here’s 50 talking about Gunnar Optiks on Twitter:

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Tweetin with my gunnar glasses on trick! u aint got these suckas. get ur money right ima get like 50 new hoes wit than a minute ago via Twitpic

50 Cent = Great Man. Dare I say, a P.I.M.P.