UPDATE: WorkFusion adds to its $50 million with strategic investors as it bulks up for acquisitions

WorkFusion, a business process automation software developer, added two new investors to its $50 million April round. The company’s new strategic investors include the large insurance company, G

Guardian Uses Bluetooth Low Energy Tech To Keep Your Child Safe

Despite the best efforts of vigilant parents, small children are like magicians with their ability to slip away unnoticed. <a target="_blank" href="">BeLuvv</a>, a startup in Taiwan,

What the Guardian Media Group really paid for PaidContent: £4 million

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Guardian Media Group Acquired PaidContent Parent For $6.5M, Not $30M

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Is journalism dead in the 21st Century?

The Traveling Geeks gathered together for a great turnout (despite the torrential downpours) at the Guardian’s Media Talk (live) podcast. Our agenda was to discuss journalism and it’s rapi

RFID Guardian Provides Security From That Dude With A Chip In His Hand

Not everyone has really caught on to RFID and how it can be truly utilized. I mean sure, it’s used widely by businesses and logistics companies for tracking shipments and such, but personal use for