• GP2X Wiz handheld gaming emulator reviewed

    Remember the GP2X I wrote about a couple weeks ago? It’s been reviewed by Rob at Boing Boing Gadgets. The verdict: pricey, but pretty much totally worth it if you’ve got the moolah. Read More

  • GP2X handheld gaming emulator now selling at ThinkGeek

    The GP2X handheld gaming emulator gets a little more mainstream this week as a product now available from Read More

  • Video: GP2X game emulation on T-Mobile G1

    Please join me as we gaze in amazement at the T-Mobile G1 running the GP2X gaming platform consisting of MAME, SNES, and Genesis emulators, to name a few. The “GP2X G1/Android Emulator” is currently in pre-alpha, so don’t expect it to show up in the Android Market just yet. Still looks pretty good even at these early stages, though. [Android GP2x World via Engadget] Read More

  • GamePark releasing new GP2X portable in October

    GP2X, fine purveyor of open source handheld gaming devices, will be releasing the GP2X Wiz on October 9th for around $180. The Wiz will replace the F-200 from about a year ago. You can pre-order the Wiz at Play-Asia if you’re the type that likes to cross stuff off the to-do list well in advance. The device features a 533MHz processor with 3D accelerator, Linux-based OS, an SDK… Read More

  • Video: Pandora open handheld gaming system demo

    [ Oh man, I really wish that was me testing the sucker out. In case you missed it when they first put out renders, the Pandora is a powerhouse open-source handheld in the spirit of the GP32 and GP2X (which I have). It’s got dual analog sticks, an 800×480 screen, full QWERTY, wi-fi, and a bunch of other stuff. It basically looks like the… Read More

  • Pandora: a powerhouse handheld designed for homebrew and emulation

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your emulators and homebrew indie games in one place? And how about on a beautiful piece of hardware designed just for that purpose? The idea is similar to the GP2X, but the feature set is a bit more next-generation: 800×480 touchscreen, dual analog sticks and an SNES-style D-pad and buttons, plus a QWERTY keyboard. It’s got nice guts, too… Read More

  • Updated Gamepark GP2X Due This Fall

    The GP2X series of open source portable gaming devices will include the new GP2X F-200 this fall. Notable updates include a touch screen and a redesigned D-pad. The main draw of these Linux-based portables is built-in emulator support, allowing you to play games from systems including NES, MAME, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, SNES, and Atari Lynx. Read More