• Contest: Show us your remote office

    Are you a road warrior? A coffeeshop telecommuter? A co-working aficionado? If so, today is your lucky day. We want to see photos of your home away from home! Whether it’s your favorite comfy chair at the local coffee shop, the departures lounge at your favorite airport, or even the front seat of your car, take a picture of it for your chance to win a fabulous gift set! Read More

  • GorillaMobile updated for better iPhone holding

    The GorillaMobile — Joby‘s bendy stand thingie for handhelds — uses a suction cup to hold the phone to the legs. Or it did, until today! Now there’s an updated version of the GorillaMobile that uses four little hooks to keep your phone — i or otherwise — safely secured to the bendy legs. Read More

  • GorillaTorch: the magnetic flexible flashlight

    The crazy kids at Joby are at it again. Not content with the GorillaPod they made the GorillaMobile. But even that wasn’t enough bendable fun for them! Now they’ve release the GorillaTorch – a super bright LED flashlight mounted atop the iconic Joby bendy legs. But this one adds magnets to the feet, making it even more useful! Read More

  • Gorillamobile: A Gorillapod for your phone

    There are no new ideas left in the world, ladies and gentlemen. Today, Joby announced the Gorillamobile, a variant of their iconic bendable tripod thingies for mobile phones and other handheld gadgets. At first I was all “Oh yeah, that’s great!” And then I remembered Gorillapod Go-Go! suction cups and a small part of me died inside. Read More