Contest: Show us your remote office

Are you a road warrior? A coffeeshop telecommuter? A co-working aficionado? If so, today is your lucky day. We want to see photos of your home away from home! Whether it’s your favorite comfy chair at the local coffee shop, the departures lounge at your favorite airport, or even the front seat of your car, take a picture of your remote office for your chance to win a fabulous gift set!

Let’s face it: working in a coffee shop or other non-traditional workspace presents some unique challenges. We here at CrunchGear know how hard it can be to remain productive while that prima donna with the yappy dog in her purse orders another triple latte, and that damned Kenny G song plays for the second time in an hour. We’re here to help, with a wonderful assortment of life-improving products to help you make the most of your remote office experience! Complete contest rules after the list of fabulous prizes.

SmartSwipe: “Personal USB credit card reader keeps your credit card and identity completely safe when shopping online.” Whether you’re registering another domain for your virtual enterprise, buying plane tickets to meet with that new client, or refreshing your wardrobe, you can use the SmartSwipe to conduct your transactions with more safety and confidence than ever before. No more worrying about someone looking over your shoulder as you key in your credit card details!

Hercules Dualpix
DualPix HD720p: “Ultra-mobile, high definition webcam for notebooks.” If your laptop or netbook doesn’t have a webcam built in, you can use this one to conduct video chats with clients, peers, and complete strangers!

Moshi Travel VC Alarm Clock
Moshi: Voice Control (VC) Travel Alarm Clock: “First palm-size voice activated compact, sleek, and dependable alarm clock for travelers.” I like Moshi. You like Moshi? Maybe not so helpful in a coffee shop, but definitely helpful on those business trips.

Taipan lift
booq: Taipan lift laptop bag: “Practical and compact checkpoint friendly laptop bag designed to move through airport security with ease.” Even more useful on a business trip than Moshi! Navigate the airport security check with ease.

Pogo Sketch
PogoSketch: “Touch screen stylus transforms MacBook trackpad into an affordable pen tablet for premium drawing programs.” Save yourself the hassle of printing, signing and scanning contracts! Use the PogoSketch to use your MacBook’s trackpad area to sign your name electronically.

Scosche Powerfuse
powerFUZE: “Home & Car charging system allows users to carry just one charger for all USB based devices.” Keep your peripherals charged as you make the arduous commute from your home to the coffee shop!

JOBY Gorillamobile
GorillaMobile: “The most versatile Joby tripod yet with 3 adapters to mount or stand almost any mobile device.” Whether you’re taking pictures of your coffee shop, or participating in a speakerphone conference call, this handy gadget will make sure other coffee shop patrons know you mean business.

Tyme Machines - Star Wars
Star Wars USB drives: “Fully sculpted 3D designer Star Wars character USB Drives.” Nothing says “I’m a professional” quite like Star Wars themed USB thumb drives!

Urbanears - Tanto
UrbanEars Tanto: “Full-size fashionable, functional, and stylish headphones.” Help drown out the awful sounds of every day humanity, so you can focus on that all-important design project!

iSkin BBerry Cases
iSkin Vibes and Vibes FX for BlackBerrys: “Fashionable cases for your BlackBerry Curve 8900, Storm and Bold.”

Contest Rules
It’s simple: take a photo of the place in which you do your work. Folks in regular offices or cubicles can enter, if you like, but we’re really interested in the non-traditional workspaces like coffee shops, coworking facilities, and city parks. It’s up to you if you want to be in the picture or not. Email the photo, along with your complete name, to Use the subject line “My office picture”. If you don’t use that subject line, you won’t be eligible to win.

We’ll pick a random winner on Wednesday, around noon Eastern time.