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  • Google Doing Some Profile Unification Leading Up To… Well, Something.

    Google is still hard at work on their social strategy. You know it, I know it, we all know it. What it will actually be, remains to be seen. But there are clues related to it that have started to appear. The first was the redesign of the toolbar. While Google claimed it doesn’t directly point to the social strategy (even though it looks exactly like the verified +1 leaks we’ve… Read More

  • Google Profiles Turn Into OpenIDs

    As part of its push to go more social, Google has been attempting to unify its various account profiles into one Google Profile. And now it’s more useful. Google’s Brad Fitzpatrick has just tweeted out that Google Profiles can now be used as OpenIDs. What this means is that you can sign into any site that accepts OpenID simply by using your Google Profile domain. Luckily, a few… Read More