Google Knol

  • Poor Google Knol Has Gone From A Wikipedia Killer To A Craigslist Wannabe

    We’ve known for a while that Google’s Knol is no Wikipedia killer, but now the knowledge-sharing site is being reduced to a sad Craigslist wannabe. The original idea behind Knol was that people could collaboratively write definitive articles about any topic they like and get rewarded by earning a share of the AdSense revenues for each page they author. Well, that model… Read More

  • Why Google Knol Is No Wikipedia

    This is only one data point. But at least the Wikipedia entry on TechCrunch doesn’t state that we sell corn and oat cereal, and it wasn’t written by someone whose bio simply reads “Troll“. Other than that, it’s pretty accurate.. So much for units of knowledge. Update: Googler Matt Cutts weighs in on the discussion of Knol’s quality, saying that the service… Read More

  • Google Knol Opens In French, German and Italian (Update: And More)

    Google Knol, which we’ve likened to a monetizable Wikipedia upon launch, has quietly released three international versions today, enabling French, German and Italian speaking experts (or people who like to think they are experts) to contribute so-called ‘units of knowledge’ to the site. The success of Google Knol has been less than stellar (traffic is stagnating). To be… Read More

  • Google Reminds You That Knol Exists With New Policy Debates

    Google launched Knol, a monetizable Wikipedia, last July, and since then most people seem to have either forgotten about it entirely or decided that it will never be as good as its Wiki predecessor. Today the site is launching a new section called Knol Debates, and while I don’t think it will ever get me to use the site as a reference encyclopedia, it’s a great idea. Google… Read More