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AWS, Microsoft, Google and Oracle partner to make cloud spend more transparent

As enterprises move to the cloud, figuring out how and where they are spending their money has become increasingly difficult. The different SaaS provider and cloud platforms use their own definitions

Google turns up the heat on AWS, claims Cloud Spanner is half the cost of DynamoDB

Google’s Cloud Spanner is now half the cost of Amazon’s DynamoDB “for most workloads,” Google says. And Google doesn’t want you to forget it. Google today announced that

General Motors to use Google AI chatbot for its OnStar service

General Motors has found a new way to get in on the generative AI buzz. The automaker is now using Google Cloud’s conversational chatbot, dubbed Dialogflow, to handle some non-emergency OnStar f

DeepMind partners with Google Cloud to watermark AI-generated images

In partnership with Google Cloud, Google DeepMind (Google’s AI research division) is launching a tool for watermarking and identifying AI-generated images — but only images created by Google&#

Duet AI, Google’s AI assistant suite, expands across Google Cloud

Duet AI, Google’s collection of generative AI features for text summarization, organizing data and more, is expanding to new products and services in Google Cloud. At its annual Cloud Next confe

Google Cloud announces the 5th generation of its custom TPUs

At Cloud Next, its annual user conference, Google Cloud today announced the launch of the fifth generation of its tensor processing units (TPUs) for AI training and inferencing. Google announced the f

Google Cloud’s new Cross-Cloud Network makes it easier to connect applications across clouds

Most large businesses now leverage a number of cloud providers. At its Cloud Next conference today, Google Cloud announced Cross-Cloud Network, a new feature that will make life easier for these busin

Google’s Cloud Spanner Data Boost is now generally available

At its annual Cloud Next conference, Google Cloud today announced the general availability of Cloud Spanner Data Boost. Data Boost is a fully managed serverless service that allows users to analyze th

Google’s new A3 GPU supercomputer with Nvidia H100 GPUs will be generally available next month

Despite their $30,000+ price, Nvidia’s H100 GPUs are a hot commodity — to the point where they are typically back-ordered. Earlier this year, Google Cloud announced the private preview lau

Google upgrades Vertex AI to keep pace with the generative AI boom

Over half of CEOs globally are experimenting with AI to generate text, images and other forms of data, a recent joint survey by Fortune and Deloitte found. Meanwhile, a third of organizations are usin

Google’s AlloyDB AI transforms databases to power generative AI apps

AlloyDB, Google’s fully managed PostgresSQL-compatible database service, is gaining a few AI smarts. Google today announced the launch of AlloyDB AI, an integrated set of capabilities built into

How Google Cloud learned to embrace its partner ecosystem

Google Cloud’s annual Next event is happening in San Francisco next week (and we’ll be on the ground to cover all of the announcements), but ahead of the event, Google Cloud today put a sp

Google Cloud infrastructure head Urs Hölzle stepping down

Urs Hölzle began working for Google in 1999 at a time when people were using Yahoo and Alta Vista to search the internet. As Google grew in popularity over the years, he moved through the ranks. Most

Google Cloud and Salesforce team up to bolster AI offerings

Salesforce and Google Cloud are teaming up to help businesses leverage data and AI via a new strategic partnership. Announced this morning, the partnership will allow companies to use their data along

Google launches new learning and consulting offers help enterprises on their AI journey

Google Cloud today announced an expansion of its Google Cloud Consulting offering, its service for connecting customers to experts who can help them along their cloud journey. As part of this expansio

Google Cloud announces new A3 supercomputer VMs built to power LLMs

As we’ve seen LLMs and generative AI come screaming into our consciousness in recent months, it’s clear that these models take enormous amounts of compute power to train and run. Recognizing this,

Google Cloud turns profit for the first time

Google Cloud may be chasing Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud game, but it has something big to boast about after earnings came out today. The company has turned a profit on its cloud unit for the fir

Google Cloud’s AlloyDB Omni lets you run its PostgreSQL-compatible database anywhere

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL is Google Cloud’s fully managed cloud-based database service. And typically, that’s where the story ends with these born-in-the-cloud services. But Google Cloud is t

Nvidia partners with Google Cloud to launch AI-focused hardware instances

In partnership with Google, Nvidia today launched a new cloud hardware offering, the L4 platform, optimized to run video-focused applications. Available in private preview on Google Cloud through Goog

Google Cloud gives developers access to its foundation models

Google Cloud today announced a slew of new AI-powered features for its productivity tools, but the company also today launched a set of new APIs and tools for developers that are just as interesting &
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