YC-backed Abacum nets $7M to empower finance teams with real-time data and collaboration tools

SaaS to support mid-sized companies’ financial planning with real-time data and native collaboration isn’t the sexiest startup pitch under the sun but it’s one that’s swiftly n

Emissary wants to make sales networking obsolete

There is nothing meritocratic about sales. A startup may have the best product, the best vision, and the most compelling presentation, only to discover that their sales team is talking to the wrong de

GLG Share Gives Startups Access To Mentorship Without Trading Equity

Since 1998, the <a target="_blank" href="">Gerson Lehrman Group</a> has been helping its clients answer their most difficult questions, using an algorithm to choose from more than 350k e

Ushi, China’s Answer To LinkedIn, Raises $3 Million From GLG, Others

Marketplace for business expertise <a href="">Gerson Lehrman Group</a> (GLG) has partnered with and acquired a minority stake in <a href="http://w