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First we SPAC, then we take down AWS

The plan is simple: First, we create a knockoff of a popular digital service. Second, we cry political persecution. Third, we raise a bunch of money with a SPAC. And then, we take on AWS.

Snowden Does Reddit

Edward Snowden, who you might have heard of by now, took to Reddit today along with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Poitras won an Oscar last night for the Academy Award for Best Docume

The CIA’s Review Of Glenn Greenwald’s Snowden Book Is Hilarious

Earlier this year, journalist Glenn Greenwald released a book titled No Place to Hide, chronicling the Snowden leaks, and breaking new ground on the NSA itself. The book garnered a grip of positive r

New Snowden Docs Highlight “Weaknesses” In Facebook Data Security

Journalist Glenn Greenwald released <a target="_blank" href="d/NoPlaceToHide-Documents-Compressed.pdf">a bunch of new documents</a> from "the Snowden archive" today to coincide with the publication of