Gibson Buys Stanton DJ Equipment, Proving Korn Was On To Something

<a HREF="">FutureMusic</a> is reporting that guitar maker <a HREF="">Gibson</a> is in talks to

TCTV: Up Close With The Gibson Firebird X Robot Guitar

Guitar-maker Gibson has a problem on their hands. After nearly a century of producing some of the most storied guitars in existence for, from the Les Paul electrics to genre-defining acoustics, Gibson

Gibson Shipping The Firebird X, A Computer Inside A Guitar

Announced at CES 2011, the Gibson Firebird X has been a fascinating example of a traditional instrument maker building something that, arguably, is quite revolutionary. The Firebird X is essentially a

Gibson Forces Wowwee to Pull Paper Jamz Guitars

One of my favorite toys of the season was the Paper Jamz guitar and amp. Sadly, Gibson didn’t think it was so great and sued the manufacturer, WowWee, for infringing on their image. See, the Pap

The Dusk Tiger From Gibson All But Plays Itself

KARANG! We who are about to spend $4,150 on a guitar salute you! The Dusk Tiger from Gibson is a sexy piece of kit that includes next-gen tuning technology that allows you to almost instantly retune y

Gibson adds five more companies to its 'to sue' list

Not long after serving Activision with papers alleging patent infringement for the Guitar Hero series of video games, Gibson Guitar Corp. has now decided to go after retailers that sell that game as w

Gibson claims Guitar Hero idea, sues Activision

So I’m thinking of suing Activision. I figured that since everyone else is doing it, the company might not notice and just send me a check to avoid the hassle. I’ll just go for something s

CES 2008: Play It, Record It

For millions of years, people have been listening to music. But now, thanks to new technology, they can actually make music as well. At CES, I came across a few items that made my inner musician geek

Wireless controller lets you Air Guitar Hero

Cords getting in the way of your thrashing? Didn’t bother Van Halen, but what with the newfangledness these days of microphones, wireless pickups, and blue teeth, you don’t need to let the