• Germany Passes New Internet Copyright Law After Watering It Down To Spare Google From Having To Pay

    Germany Passes New Internet Copyright Law After Watering It Down To Spare Google From Having To Pay

    The German Bundestag passed an addendum to the country’s copyright laws earlier today, the so-called “Leistungsschutzrecht,” that allows publishers to charge aggregators and search engines for the content they index and re-publish on their sites and in their apps. Read More

  • Teutonic toilet seats can be a buzzkill If we learn anything from foreign — this one is German — commercials it’s that a) foreign girls are hot b) ad agencies overseas couldn’t give two poops about the Moral Majority. But seriously: at what point in your clubbing career do you do blow off of a toilet seat. Video: Swedish German Self-Cleaning Ruins Cokehead’s Evening [BBG] Read More

  • Speed Of Light Broken, Einstein Rolls Over In His Grave

    A pair of German physicists are claiming they’ve broken the speed of light. Maybe they’ve never heard of a gentleman with crazy white hair and his theory of relativity, which states that you’d need an unlimited amount of energy to thrust an object at 186k+ miles per second. Well, the physicists say they’ve conducted an experiment where microwave photons have… Read More

  • 1980s Apple Concepts & The Origin Of The iPhone

    “You know the rules, and so do I!” Back in the early ’80s, Apple was hard at work designing new and innovative products. German designer Hartmut Esslinger, who originally designed the Apple IIc, did some mock up products that draw inspiration from the computer he created. One standout picture is of a landline phone with an Apple logo and a touchscreen. Though it’s… Read More

  • Bikinirama Unleashes On A Powerbook

    This is the strangest and, yet, most arousing thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s a German babe in a bikini smashing the begeezus out of a Powerbook. She must have been running BootCamp when the BSD appeared. They really like to smash gadgets and it breaks my heart. It’s a strange feeling because I hate to see gadgets being destroyed, but girls in bikinis seem to trump that. Read More

  • Condom Dispenser for Geeks Who Get Some

    One of the things we hate about having protected sex with a consensual partner is the inevitable fumbling to find a condom. Like any party, a roll in the hay is best if the party favors are in easy reach. Enter the Canoe Condom Dispenser. A German-designed cube that rests with poise and grace upon your bedside table, the Condom Dispenser is a perfect place to stash your prophylactics until… Read More

  • Balcony Grill for Us Urbanites

    It’s a balcony barbeque! I know, I know. CES is just days away, and it’s a barbecue that has my expensive panties in a wad, but I desperately want this, though it does not actually yet exist. Perhaps it’s out of consideration for the neighbors of others, or perhaps out of concern for fire safety, or perhaps because it’s from some German-sounding guy’s mind… Read More