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EC-exclusive interview with Tim Cook, Slacklash, and tech inclusion

An EC-exclusive interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook TechCrunch editor-in-chief Matthew Panzarino traveled to Florida this week to talk with Tim Cook about Appleā€™s developer education initiatives and a

MeetMe Launches Standalone Dating App Charm, Where Tinder Meets Vine

After <a href="">rebranding from MyYearbook</a> more than a year ago, social network MeetMe is off and running on its next big ad

Q&A With Geoff Cook: How We Solved The Chatroulette Porn Problem

<img src='' /> <em> At the end of last year, social networking site <a href="">myYear

Outside the Echo Chamber: Growing A Startup In New Hope, PA

<img src='' />This guest post is written by <a href="">Geoff Cook</a>, cofounder and CEO o