Twitter’s Golden Egg: Location

<img src=""> Twitter’s core strength—limiting posts to 140 characters—has created opportunities for other websites and apps to siph

Where Is Awarded The "Mother Of All Geofencing Patents"

<img src=""> Just as geo mobile services are taking off, the U.S. Patent Office has awarded an extremely broad patent on "Location-based

Both Nintendo 3DS and PSP-4000 to be released this year in Japan?

<img /> It would make a lot of sense, but take this with a grain of salt: major Japanese game and movie retailer <a href="">Geo Corp.</a> states in its latest financia

Gowalla Plays Around With Virtual Product Placements In Apple Stores

<img src="" width="139" height="200" /> As geo social networks gain some traction, we are beginning to see novel forms of marketing