Both Nintendo 3DS and PSP-4000 to be released this year in Japan?

It would make a lot of sense, but take this with a grain of salt: major Japanese game and movie retailer Geo Corp. states in its latest financial report [JP, PDF] that both the Nintendo 3DS and the long-rumored PSP-4000 will be released by year end – at least in Japan. On page 23 in the report, Geo lists up all key products for the company’s fiscal year through March 2011 (see the relevant bit pictured above).

So far, Nintendo just confirmed the 3DS will go on sale by March 2011, the end of the fiscal year in most Japanese companies. Sony has neither announced a PSP-4000 or “PSP 2” up to this point (the only thing big S did they so far about their next portable console is that it’s not interested in making it 3D-compatible).

There are currently heated discussions going on in the Japanese blogosphere about how reliable Geo’s information is. I can well imagine Nintendo and Sony trying to score big during the winter holidays with new devices, but for the time being, take this one as a (rather interesting) rumor. We’ll keep you updated.

Via Tanblo [JP]