Photos on social media can predict the health of neighborhoods

The images that appear on social media – happy people eating, cultural happenings, and smiling dogs – can actually predict the likelihood that a neighborhood is “healthy” as we

The Fourth Stakeholder In Tech

The tech industry has a responsibility to do something about how Silicon Valley and San Francisco are evolving, and the displacement we’ve created. Each and every company has an impact on the people

Anti-Tech Protesters Are Telling Kevin Rose’s Neighbors That He’s A “Parasite”

Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose says that his San Francisco home was visited by protesters today, who held up a banner calling him a "parasite" and distributed leaflets with the same message. W

Google Sets Example By Trying To Offset Perils Of SF Gentrification

San Francisco's gentrification problem isn't all tech's fault, but the industry should still be helping communities impacted by the influx money and people its brought to the city. Today's donation by

Protesters Smash Google Shuttle Bus Piñata In Fight Against Rent Increases [Video]

Sick of high-paid tech employees driving up rent prices, protestors in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood held a "Anti-Gentrification Block Party" and beat on a Google bus pinata before cops broke u