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Betaworks And Tim Ferriss Among First Using General Solicitation To Ask Crowds For Investment

It's day one of the new general solicitation rules allowing companies to openly advertise that they're fundraising, and Betaworks is wasting no time. It's just emailed asking its thousands of Openbeta

SEC Allows General Solicitation, Effective Today: What Changed And What To Watch Out For

Today, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission's final rules allowing general solicitation went into effect. In the fundraising context, general solicitation means publicly advertising the fact that y

AngelList Beefs Up Syndicates With New Backers Model, Lets Accelerators Raise Funding Too

  With the loosening of the SEC’s restrictions around general solicitation or public fundraising by startups, AngelList is launching a suite of products that could extend its influence (and its

Why You Need To Pay Attention To General Solicitation

On Monday, the legal framework for startup fundraising will change. Because of the JOBS Act, you will be able to publicly announce that you’re raising. This is not crowdfunding -- you still have to

Let’s Have General Solicitation As Congress Intended It

Everyone passionate about the startup company funding ecosystem was overjoyed by the news last week that “general solicitation” would soon be okay for startups looking for angel investors. With on