• Twitch opens up its money-making tools to tens of thousands of non-Partnered channels

    Twitch opens up its money-making tools to tens of thousands of non-Partnered channels

    On the heels of yesterday’s news about expanded subscription options for partners, video streaming site Twitch today announced another way for its creator community to generate revenue, with the launch of an Affiliate program. Explains the company, the new program will allow non-partnered video creators to gain access to a variety of tools that will allow them to make money from… Read More

  • Twitch to start selling video games as soon as this week [Updated]

    Twitch to start selling video games as soon as this week [Updated]

    Video game streaming site Twitch will soon begin selling PC games and other in-game content on its site, the company says. We understand the games may arrive as soon as tomorrow or later this week, though the exact timing is still in flux*. Already one of the top destinations for live streaming and fan engagement, it’s not surprising that Twitch would take the final step to become a… Read More

  • Twitch opens to vloggers with launch of “IRL,” mobile broadcasting to come next year

    Twitch opens to vloggers with launch of “IRL,” mobile broadcasting to come next year

    After slowly testing the waters with non-game related content, Twitch is officially opening its doors to vloggers. The company today is debuting a new content category on its site called “IRL,” which is where Twitch creators can broadcast anything about their life, communicate with fans, and share their opinions. In addition, because IRL broadcasting is the sort of thing Twitch… Read More

  • Crunchyroll-owner Ellation announces Vrv, a multi-channel, streaming video service

    Crunchyroll-owner Ellation announces Vrv, a multi-channel, streaming video service

    Digital media company Ellation is announcing a big push into streaming video with Vrv, which will offer a variety of channels aimed at gamers and other geeks. Ellation is best known as the parent company of anime service Crunchryoll. Otter Media, the joint venture from Chernin Group and AT&T, acquired a majority stake in the company back in 2013 and invested another $22 million last… Read More

  • The #Gamergate Question Crunch Network

    The #Gamergate Question

    Depending on how closely you follow the gaming and tech press, you may have heard of #gamergate. Those of us inside the industry have. This week it’s essentially all we’ve been able to talk about. How has this reactionary movement spawned from sexist roots managed to go so far, and what does it say about the industry? Read More

  • What Games Are: The Ludophile Mindset

    What Games Are: The Ludophile Mindset

    Like the audiophile who spends serious money on her music, the ludophile spends aplenty on games and consoles. Both want perfection. The question for the games industry, however, is whether perfection is really the goal any more. To chase that market is very expensive, and although gamers may not like to hear it, good-enough seems like a better goal industry-wise in the long run. Read More

  • With 1B Pageviews Under Its Belt, UGC Giant Wikia Raises $10.8M From IVP, Bessemer & Amazon

    With 1B Pageviews Under Its Belt, UGC Giant Wikia Raises $10.8M From IVP, Bessemer & Amazon

    User generated content company Wikia is breaking the news of its raise of over $10.8 million in Series C funding today in a press release soon to be sent out to tech media. The financing was led by Institutional Venture Partners with a follow on from existing investors Bessemer Ventures Partners and The company, which is already profitable according to the release, will use the cash… Read More

  • Facebook And Games: Can The Social Network Turn All Of Us Into “Gamers,” Or Are We Already?

    Facebook And Games: Can The Social Network Turn All Of Us Into “Gamers,” Or Are We Already?

    Yesterday, I sat down with the folks who bring games to life on Facebook. Love ’em or hate ’em, there are a lot of people who like to hang out on the social network and play turn-based games. Sure, it can get annoying, with all of the notifications and requests, but Facebook is apparently trying to do something more than annoy you. Actually, it’s quite the… Read More

  • You Can Now “Check In” To Video Games With Playd

    You Can Now “Check In” To Video Games With Playd

    Playd is a new mobile application that lets you check in to games the way Foursquare users check in to venues. Actually, the app is more akin to something like Miso, GetGlue or IntoNow – apps which extend the check-in metaphor to other activities, like watching TV or seeing a movie. The company is one of the first to launch from the NewMe Accelerator, the startup accelerator whose… Read More

  • Gamers getting older, fatter

    Well, bad news for gamers in the Pacific Northwest. Turns out that according to a study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) the average age and weight of the common gamer is going up. This is not good for obvious reasons, since weight problems also can contribute to other health issues. Read More

  • Gwen Stefani a gamer? New baby named 'Zuma'

    You know that crack-like addictive game Zuma? Gwen Stefani just named her new son with the same name. Hollywood babies always have life-ruining names, but could this kid have been named after a stupid game?  Next headline: Madonna adopts Egyptian girl, renames her Bejeweled. via Stuff Read More

  • Age of Conan patch shrinks characters' boobs, chances of ever seeing them in real life

    Straight from the “Time to Leave Mom’s Basement” files comes the story of the shrinking boobs of Age of Conan. Funcom, developer of the popular new game, released a minor patch for the it recently. While the patch did some fairly mundane maintenance on the game, it had one unintended side effect: the breasts of some female characters shrank noticeably. This, of course… Read More

  • N-Gage games can't be transferred to new devices

    N-Gage fan web site All About N-Gage is reporting that games purchased through Nokia’s gaming service are locked to one particular phone and can’t be transferred to a new device should you lose or break your old one. The process for purchasing a game involves downloading a feature-limited demo and then paying to unlock the game with an activation code. That code is tied to the… Read More

  • Bungie sends a treasure trove of stuff to sad gamer

    Shortly after an — ahem — misunderstanding involving Microsoft’s Xbox tech support department, a gamer, and an autographed Xbox 360 case (you can read all about the original fiasco here), things seem to have been made right — by Bungie. Bungie, makers of the wildly popular Halo series, sent the gamer a bunch of cool stuff to replace the signatures and drawing of… Read More

  • Autographed Xbox 360 gets returned clean [UPDATE]

      Something shitty’s going on here and I feel bad for this kid, Nathaniel. According to Hawty McBloggy (sweet name, by the way), here’s what happened… UPDATE: Aww, see THIS is what’s great about people on the internet. According to an article published today on Next-Gen, “Something is already ‘afoot’ within Bungie to help our community member… Read More

  • PNY goes for gamers with GeForce 9600 GT

    [photopress:Picture_3.jpg,full,center] PNY is laying down a new graphics card that’s a GeForce with a crappy box but great stats. It’s for gamers, so you pesky video editors can skip to the next post. But if you’re a keyboard-hunched killer, dig these groovy stats from the press release after the jump: Read More

  • Wiimote Gamer Glove: Nerd Alert level delta

    Do you often find your Wiimote airborne? Is the included strap too wussy for your bulging Bowling muscles? Are you tired of beaning your roommate in the melon each time you serve in Tennis? Have we got the thing for you! Sure, it’s another strap. But this one’s attached to a high-impact extreeeeeme sports glove! Never lose your Wiimote again, playa! Game on, man, game on! OK… Read More

  • ATI's new Radeon cards leaked; Gamers get silly

    Listen up, gamers. Normally this is Devin’s territory, but seeing as he’s still in the clink following a disastrous run in with Johnny Law after a few too many glasses of PowerNog™, it falls on my to cover this today. Also, my German isn’t so hot, so I’m trying to translate this with Google and getting nowhere. But here’s the gist of it: new Radeons are coming… Read More

  • Intel Goes Extreme!

    Laptop gamers are in for a real treat with the announcement of the Intel Core 2 Extreme X7800 mobile dual-core processor. Both cores will run at 2.6GHz while sporting energy-efficient features for both consumers and manufacturers. It also runs 28-percent more efficiently than previous mobile processors. And for the ultra-geek, the bus-ratio locks have been removed so you can unleash the beast… Read More

  • Game Content Under the Microscope: Watch What Our Kids Watch

    Should the ratings for video games be updated? Since being adopted in 1994 the landscape of video games has changed greatly, and some experts believe it is time for a revision, or at least redefinition of what is appropriate for adults and what is family friendly. In this fourth part of our series on video game violence and content CrunchGear spoke with Doctor David Walsh, president of… Read More