• Video: Fujisoft's PALRO Mini Humanoid

    We first covered PALRO (Pal+Robot), a mini humanoid made by Tokyo-based Fujisoft, back in February, and it already received a number of upgrades. Most importantly, buyers can now download dedicated “apps” (dubbed “PAPPS” [JP]) that make the little guy more versatile. A special Twitter client, for example, makes sure PALRO reads out every tweet in your timeline out… Read More

  • Video: Meet Palro, Fujisoft's mini humanoid

    Most of the robots we cover on CrunchGear have been built for research or entertainment purposes, but some of them do become available for the general public at some point. And today we can give you the Palro (Pal+robot) [JP], a soon to be marketed humanoid developed by Tokyo-based Fujisoft. The little guy stands 39.8cm tall, weighs 1.6kg and boasts a whole range of features: 20 joints, five… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Fujisoft launches Japan-only VOD service for the Wii

    At CEATEC 2008, Fujisoft for the first time presented their “Ulexit” video player for embedded devices. The company will use its technology for “Minna-no (everybody’s) Theater Wii”, a video-on-demand service for the Nintendo Wii. A Fujisoft representative told me the service goes online in December 2008 in Japan. Asked whether Everybody’s Theater Wii will… Read More