Video: Fujisoft's PALRO Mini Humanoid

We first covered PALRO (Pal+Robot), a mini humanoid made by Tokyo-based Fujisoft, back in February, and it already received a number of upgrades. Most importantly, buyers can now download dedicated “apps” (dubbed “PAPPS” [JP]) that make the little guy more versatile. A special Twitter client, for example, makes sure PALRO reads out every tweet in your timeline out loud – in real time.

But PALRO can also support you when you cook something with the “Cooking Navi” PAPP or let you know when you receive an email with the “PALRO Mail Alert” PAPP.

In addition, Fujisoft boosted PALRO’s agility and gave him the ability to detect obstacles and track objects. Spec-wise, we still have a humanoid that stands 39.8cm tall, weighs 1.6kg and boasts a whole array of features: 20 joints, five mics, voice recognition, a camera, Wi-Fi , multiple sensors, and more.

The robot (kit) costs $3,300.

This video (from Plastic Pals’ YouTube Channel) shows some of PALRO’s new abilities:

Via Plastic Pals