AppGyver Launches Supersonic, A New Framework For Hybrid Apps

AppGyver quickly made a name for itself over the last year with the help of Steroids.js and Composer, its drag-and-drop tool for building HTML5 apps. Today, the company is announcing its biggest produ

Voxel Farm Is Demoing A Photorealistic Clone Of Minecraft That Looks Absolutely Amazing

Voxel Farm is a game framework for sale to developers who want to create cool, photorealistic environments. But the demo, called Procedural World, is a Minecraft clone that I would pay big bucks for i Reveals More Details About Its HTML5 Turbo-Charger

<a href="">Last month</a> as part of our TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Coverage, we wrote about <a target="_blank" href=

Microsoft Open Sources Entity Framework

Microsoft continues to make in-roads into open source development. Early last year it open sourced several development related tools, including <a target="_blank" href="">NuG

Move Over Meteor: Derby Is The Other High Speed Node.js Framework In Town

Although the company behind <a target="_blank" href="">Meteor</a>, a framework for building real-time JavaScript applications in vein of Google Docs, just announced a nice big $11.2 m