Having conquered Chess and Go, the robots move to master Foosball

We've come a long way since the days of selecting a CPU player for the other Pong paddle, tank or hand-to-hand combatant. Now the computers are taking it to us, in meatspace, and seemingly no tabletop

Digital Foosball Table Is A Foosball Table That Is Digital

Do you like foosball AKA fussball? Do you like digital things? Well, you’re in luck because this foosball table is digital. Using a photosensor and an Arduino board, this table allows you to tra

Foosball: Just add beer and 21 of your closest friends

We had a foosball table in one of the houses I lived in during college. We all chipped in $40, times six of us, and boom — a nice $200 never ending source of entertainment. The problem was that