• Trademark Dispute Brewing Between Flipboard And Flowboard

    Trademark Dispute Brewing Between Flipboard And Flowboard

    Looks like Flipboard is unhappy with Flowboard, the new “interactive storytelling” app from Treemo — specifically with the app’s name. In response to Flipboard’s complaints that the Flowboard name could be confusing and infringe its trademark, Treemo filed a complaint asking for a “declaratory judgment of non-infringement of trademark rights” — i.e. Read More

  • Flowboard Demo

    Brent Brookler Shows Off Flowboard’s iPad Presentation Builder

    Flowboard is trying create the best tools for “interactive storytelling” on a tablet. And the best way to illustrate those tools is through a demo, so founder and CEO Brent Brookler stopped by the TechCrunch office today to show us the app. First, Brookler showed us the beginning of creating a presentation. He chose a template, imported media, and was able to directly manipulate… Read More