Brent Brookler Shows Off Flowboard’s iPad Presentation Builder

Flowboard is trying create the best tools for “interactive storytelling” on a tablet. And the best way to illustrate those tools is through a demo, so founder and CEO Brent Brookler stopped by the TechCrunch office today to show us the app.

First, Brookler showed us the beginning of creating a presentation. He chose a template, imported media, and was able to directly manipulate that media using the touchscreen. Then he showed us a finished presentation (it was kind of a like cooking show, where you skip all the boring stuff in the middle). The presentations look great on the iPad and, by allowing users to zoom in on specific images or topics, Flowboard enables the creation of presentations that “go deeper.”

The easiest way to understand what Flowboard is doing is to think of it as presentation-building software for tablets, but Brookler said he’s not trying to compete with PowerPoint.

“We don’t have tables and charts and bullets,” he said. “We’re going after really interactive storytelling. We feel like are iterating and innovating on what the presentation medium should be. … We’re living in a world that’s all Internet-based, and it’s all touch and multimedia. And it’s app-focused — it’s a mobile-first product.”

(To be clear, even though Flowboard’s focus is on tablets, the presentations can be viewed on any device.)

Brookler also showed off some of the features that Flowboard has added since it launched last month, including snap guides that make it easier to move elements into place. He also said upcoming releases will include YouTube integration and an “undo” button.

If you like what you see in the video, you can download the Flowboard iPad app here.