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  • eBay Founder’s News Site, The Intercept, Launches With NSA Revelations

    eBay Founder’s News Site, The Intercept, Launches With NSA Revelations

    eBay founder Pierre Omidyar revealed the first publication in his new media organization, First Look Media. “The Intercept” launched last night with revelations about the National Security Agency which had apparently been using the bulk collection of phone records to target terrorists with drones. Read More

  • First Look: Nikon CoolPix P7000

    Nikon announced their new CoolPix P7000 point and shoot on September 8th, and we’ve been waiting to get a review unit ever since. We still don’t have access to a unit that I can fully review; however, I’m currently at the Albuquerque Balloon festival with Nikon, and have had a chance to take a pretty close look at their newest power-P&S. First impression: I like it. Read More

  • First Look: Nintendo DSi XL

    Just got another care package from Nintendo, and it’s a big one — literally. Nintendo sent us one of its new DSi XL units, and color me impressed. The screens look great, and games look like they should have been on a screen this size in the first place. I don’t even need my reading glasses to play any more! Read More

  • First look: InFocus SP8602 home theater projector

    The InFocus SP8602 is a big, bad home theater projector. It’s hanging from my ceiling, hooked up to a Harmon Kardon Blu-ray player and a TiVo HD. Needless to say, life is good at the Burns homestead. Click through for my initial impressions of this $5,000 1080p projector. Read More

  • First look: Inkia MID500 5-inch slate computer

    The Inkia MID500 just hit my desk and I have to show it off. Well, it’s kind of my job. I’ll publish a full review in a week or so, but for now, click through for a video hands-on and my initial pros and cons about the $349 5-inch tablet computer. Read More

  • First look: BFG Deimos gaming laptop

    We just got a BFG Deimos in today, and it is big, shiny, and competing against Alienware’s M17x. So far, I can tell you that it’s a bit lighter then the Alienware, but (unscientifically speaking) about equal as far as speed. We’ll be doing a full review in the upcoming weeks, but I wanted to share some pictures and first impressions with you today. Read More

  • First Look: Nikon D300s

    We just got our Nikon D300s, and it’s looking good. I’ve taken a few beauty shots for you, and shot some video with the camera as well. First impressions are good, but that’s to be expected as it’s based on the the excellent D300 body. We’ll be comparing the D300s to a D300 in our full review to help you decide if you want to upgrade or not. Sample video and… Read More

  • Video: First look at the HP HDX 16 notebook

    Here’s a quick look at HP’s HDX 16 notebook. The Blu-ray notebook sports a HD 16-inch widescreen and tons of touch controls. We’ll have a full review shortly. Read More

  • First Look: D-Link DSM-330 HD Media Player

    Here’s a five-minute look at the DSM-330 from D-Link. It’s a DivX Connected player, which basically uses your home PC for most of the menu rendering and downloading horsepower. We’ll have a full review up in the not-too-distant future. So far, I see promise in the plug-ins feature, which allows developers to create their own stuff – I installed a thing, an HD… Read More

  • First Look: MSI Wind [UPDATED]

    [ I’ve been using the MSI Wind and for a little while now and have checked out a handful of things that our readers have asked about. I’ll have a full review of the notebook itself coming up soon but in the meantime, I’ve tested the following: Skype video recording and playback, HD video playback (WMVHD and AVCHD), Photoshop, Google… Read More

  • Review: HTC Touch Diamond

    [ Just got the HTC Touch Diamond smartphone today and I can tell you that it’s a pretty nice little gizmo. I’ll be taking it for a spin over the next few weeks, so if you have any questions about it or if you’d like me to try out any particular features, leave a message in the comments section and I’ll do my best to address your… Read More

  • First Look: HTC Shift (CDMA version)

    [ Got a nice little package yesterday containing the HTC Shift running on the Sprint network. I’ll be putting this thing through its paces next week at CTIA and will have a full review for you in short order. It’s a pretty cool gadget so far. If you have any questions about it, let me know and I’ll try to answer them for you. One weird… Read More

  • Samsung Ace: Hands-on and first impressions

    I’ve been playing with the new Samsung Ace from Sprint for a few days and have some initial thoughts along with some photos of the device. Full review coming soon. Read More

  • Palm's Centro: First Impressions, Unboxing

    We don’t know why you love unboxings, but you do. Here we have the first Centro from Palm, running on Sprint’s Power Vision Super Extreme Mega network. For those of you who might not know, the Centro is Palm’s follow-up to the popular Treo line of smartphones. Features-wise, it’s pretty similar. The Centro takes the Treo’s aged form-factor up to a more modern level. Read More

  • HTC Touch At A Glance

    Just got back from an HTC Touch event at the Bryant Park Hotel here in NYC. Had a chance to go into the phone a bit, learn about what it can do, and went home with one. The video above should give you a general feel of how it looks and interacts with touch. It’s decent, but certainly no iPhone killer (and we obviously haven’t even touched the iPhone). Video playback is choppy and a… Read More