First Look: Nintendo DSi XL

Just got another care package from Nintendo, and it’s a big one — literally. Nintendo sent us one of its new DSi XL units, and color me impressed. The screens look great, and games look like they should have been on a screen this size in the first place. I don’t even need my reading glasses to play any more!

First impressions: It feels larger then a PSP. The screen is clear, and the games really don’t feel stretched out, which was my concern. Web browsing is actually reasonable to do, the experience feels much like the iPod Touch, with the upper screen magnifier helping out for details.

As I said before, I haven’t really had a chance to play with it much, but I’m going to make time this evening and tomorrow. It’ll be nice to get a chance to play with the DSi XL, after reading all the reviews.

It also comes with the twee-est press release in the world.