• Security Alert: Tech Luminaries Easily Firesheeped At DLD11

    Remember Firesheep, that Firefox extension that lets users effortlessly ‘hack’ into the Twitter and Facebook accounts of anyone using a public network by capturing user cookies? I’m currently at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany, which is host to a whole lot of tech luminaries, executives, startups, press and investors alike. The organization has provided every attendee… Read More

  • Firefox Extension BlackSheep Detects And Protects You From Firesheep

    Eric Butler’s Firefox browser extension Firesheep took the Internet cafe world by storm a couple weeks ago when we and others wrote about the controversial plugin that compromises your social networking connection data. While many people have come up with solutions that involve forcing sites to use HTTPS, Zscaler Security has just released a countermeasure called BlackSheep… Read More

  • Lazy Hackers Unite: Firesheep Boasts +104,000 Downloads In 24 Hours

    Well that was fast. In roughly 24 hours, Firesheep has been downloaded more than 104,000 times, as would-be-hackers — or the merely curious— downloaded the Firefox extension to test the exploit. As we reported on Sunday night, Eric Butler’s Firesheep allows users on a public Wi-Fi network to effectively spy on others, by giving Firesheep users access to sensitive… Read More

  • How To Protect Your Login Information From Firesheep

    TechCrunch reader Steve Manuel claims to have found a workaround to Firesheep, the controversial Firefox extension that allows anyone on an insecure open Wifi network to access user login info for almost every single social network in existence. Firesheep banks on the fact that most social sites default to the HTTP protocol because it’s quicker. The already existing Firefox extension… Read More

  • Firesheep In Wolves' Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily

    It seems like every time Facebook amends its privacy policy, the web is up in arms. The truth is, Facebook’s well publicized privacy fight is nothing compared to the vulnerability of all unsecured HTTP sites — that includes Facebook, Twitter and many of the web’s most popular destinations. Developer Eric Butler has exposed the soft underbelly of the web with his new… Read More