FCC fining big boxes for selling old-fashioned tele-video-conveyors

The FCC has announced that it has imposed fines on major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target for selling TVs that will not be functional once the switch from analog to digital television takes place

Apple Fined Over Air Quality Violation

Apple is no stranger to fines and lawsuits, but the latest is a bit out of left-field. Back in April of 2006, Apple’s Elk Grove facility was using their backup generator for non-emergency use. N

Amp'd Mobile Being Fined $100k

Amp’d has been a naughty, naughty MVNO! The FCC is about to lay the smackdown on Amp’d for not protecting customer data securely enough. Turns out HP hired a bunch of private detectives to

Text While Driving In NJ, Receive A Fine

New Jersey is already corrupt enough. I grew up there and truth be told, some of the laws the state has are ridiculous. A few years ago, a law was passed that allows police to pull you over and fine y