Text While Driving In NJ, Receive A Fine

New Jersey is already corrupt enough. I grew up there and truth be told, some of the laws the state has are ridiculous. A few years ago, a law was passed that allows police to pull you over and fine you just for talking on a cellphone. Now Corzine & Co. are kicking it up a notch by proposing a law that would allow police to pull you over and fine you for texting.

The fine would be between $100 and $250, so to ensure the state can make a killing off your mistakes. The bill will be debated this summer and most drivers should know by the end of the year if it’s worth even using a cellphone while driving in NJ. However, as much as I hate these stupid laws, texting while driving is a dumb idea and a surefire way to cause an accident if you’re not at a red light or stop sign.

New Jersey mulls driver text ban [The Register]