Fav.or.it Closes Funding Round For Corporates To Track Your Blogs And Comments – And Reply

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/cp_1234464002_1774v2-max-250x250.png" class="shot2" />Blogs and commenting aggregator <a href="http://fav.or.it/">fav.or.it</a> has closed a n

Fav.or.it Finally Opens Beta To Take RSS And Commenting Mainstream

Feeds and commenting aggregator fav.or.it has finally come out of the door into public beta, reports TechCrunch UK. It has a large number of new features aimed at simplifying interaction with news sit

Europe Is Searching For Its Silicon Valley

Over the past few days at the Next Web conference in Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to hang out with about 700 Internet entrepreneurs from all over Europe. The startup scene in Europe reminds me of

Favorit's RSS reader integrates commenting

Fav.or.it, the RSS reader with integrated commenting (a story TechCrunch UK broke), has launched its beta, though you’ll still need an invite to get in while they scale up. With Fav.or.it you ca

Fav.or.it to launch API for developers

In the next 24 hours UK feed-reading and commenting aggregator Fav.or.it plans to open up its API to allow anyone to send comments to any blog in the world. Founder Nick Halstead told me via public Tw

Fav.or.it working on some cool stuff

This is possibly the last time I do anything on the still-to-launch Fav.or.it… until they actually come out of closed beta. Writing about stuff hardly anyone can see is not an ideal situation. H

Suddenly blog commenting is a hot space

It appears a lot of people want to get into the blog comment space in the US. SezWho has raised a $1 million series A round from KPG Ventures, which makes it the best funded of the small group of star

Is Fav.or.it a Digg killer?

Fav.or.it is tiny start-up based in a small office an hour’s drive from London. But this “feature rich community-based feed reading system” is about to unleash a wholly original take