Favorit's RSS reader integrates commenting

Fav.or.it, the RSS reader with integrated commenting (a story TechCrunch UK broke), has launched its beta, though you’ll still need an invite to get in while they scale up.

With Fav.or.it you can make comments on blog posts from within its reader – no need to click into a browser to the original post. Disqus, the distributed commenting system, will be using the fav.or.it API. So if you use Disqus for comments, fav.or.it users will be able to leave comments too. Fav.or.it is more feature rich than Google Reader and has community features like story voting, sharing, tagging. The site already has lots of feeds to pick from and an approach called slices. Some developers are already building features on top of Google Reader’s shared items data, such as ReadBurner and RSSMeme. But fav.or.it is as early as any of those guys, so it’s still a wide open game.