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  • A Group Messaging Roundup To Help You Stay In Touch At SXSW

    By now you’ve doubtless heard of the many group messaging startups looking to help multiple people keep in touch with each other — there’s been endless buzz about how these will likely be some of the breakout stars of SXSW. However, most of these companies do far more than just send texts to multiple people: some of them offer location sharing, conference calls, and… Read More

  • GroupMe Squeezes Out A "2.1 More Thing" Release Before SXSW

    GroupMe Squeezes Out A "2.1 More Thing" Release Before SXSW

    Startups gearing up for the SXSW are shining up their apps and hoping to Wow the crowds of iPhone-toting hipsters by releasing major upgrades in advance of the Austin conference. Among group texting apps alone, in the past week we’ve seen new releases from GroupMe, Fast Society, Beluga, and others. Everyone’s put their best face forward and now the race is on to see which one… Read More

  • Fast Society Is Ready To Party At SXSW (Exclusive Demo Video)

    Fast Society Is Ready To Party At SXSW (Exclusive Demo Video)

    If you are a group texting startup worth your salt, you’ve got to have a new app ready for the upcoming SXSW conference in Austin. GroupMe, Beluga (which was just bought by Facebook), Kik, TextPlus, and offshoots like Yobongo will all be strutting their stuff. Not to be outdone, Fast Society just pushed out a completely revamped iPhone app and an Android app is coming out today as… Read More

  • The iPad2, Motorola Xoom, and Group Texting

    OMG/JK: A Kiss For iPad 2, A Slap For Xoom

    It’s war! This week, I went to the unveiling of the iPad 2 and got some hands-on time with the device afterwards. Meanwhile, Jason bought a Xoom and has been extensively testing it out. The consensus? iPad 2: Good. Xoom: Bad. At least for now. I haven’t extensively played with iPad 2 yet, and Google is undoubtedly going to patch the Xoom. But still, first impressions are key. Jason… Read More

  • GroupMe Gives Push Notifications A Big Hug, Also Maps And Foursquare Check-ins

    GroupMe Gives Push Notifications A Big Hug, Also Maps And Foursquare Check-ins

    Well, well, looky here. GroupMe just got a lot app-friendlier. The group texting app is pushing out a massive new update today for both the iPhone and Android that supports push notifications as the default messaging option instead of costly SMS, maps, inline photos in chats, better Foursquare integration, and contact syncing with Twitter, Facebook, and email. Up until now, the GroupMe app… Read More

  • Fast Society: Not Your Mother's Group Messaging App (TCTV)

    When a good idea comes along, often what you see are multiple startups pop up who were all working on it independently but launch around the same time. Look at Foursquare and Gowalla in geo-location apps or Instagram, PicPlz, and Path in geo-photo apps. Right now, a lot of the action seems to be in group messaging, with Groupme, Beluga, and Fast Society all vying for mobile group supremacy. Read More

  • Fast Society Helps You Navigate New York's CMJ Music Festival

    We covered Fast Society a couple of weeks ago as a  GroupMe-like multi-party texting app so addictive it caused an entire conference panel to succumb to its distractions. Today the guys behind Fast Society have taken the concept one step further and expanded the original vision behind the app — i.e. the ability to coordinate friends at a rock concert — hooking up with New… Read More

  • Group Texting App Fast Society Distracts My Entire Panel

    It isn’t often you get to see people enthusiastically using a brand new app in the wild; At the Tahoe Tech Talk today, while on a three hour panel Q & A with angel investors Chris Sacca, Dave McClure, Travis Kalanik, Dave Morin, Kevin Rose, Ben Kaufman and Gary Vaynerchuk, I got to see this exact thing happen, as the aforementioned (except for Morin) wouldn’t stop texting… Read More