Facebook Questions

  • Being "First" Versus Being "Best"

    Being "First" Versus Being "Best"

    Like many people today, I read Jose Antonio Vargas’ 6,000-word profile of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in The New Yorker. Unlike some, I found it neither boring nor damaging, but rather, thought-provoking. But actually, the thing that stuck out the most to me about the piece (beyond The West Wing stuff, which I still find humorous/interesting) wasn’t about Zuckerberg at all. Read More

  • Q: Is Facebook Questions Back? A: Yes (Well, For 0.02% Of You)

    A few days ago, we noted that Facebook Questions, one of the service’s latest products, had mysteriously vanished. Naturally, this led to questions on rival service Quora about whether or not the service had been killed. Considering that the product wasn’t yet a month old, that seemed silly. Sure enough, it was silly. Facebook Questions has risen from the “dead”… Read More

  • Swingly's Answer Engine Comes Out Of Stealth Swinging And Killing Zombies

    An insane number of searches on the web involve people asking questions. Sometimes they’re good questions, sometimes they’re stupid questions, sometimes they’re insane questions. Just start typing something into Google beginning with the words “How” or “Why” for proof of this — the auto-suggest speaks for itself. Sadly, Google isn’t great… Read More

  • Are Questions The "Future Of Facebook"?

    About a week ago, word started getting out that Facebook is beta testing a new “killer app” called Facebook Questions. For beta testers, the Questions feature appears in the left-hand column just below Events and Photos. It lets you ask and answer questions to and from your extended circle of friends. A few days ago, Facebook opened up the private beta further and is now… Read More