• Video: “Eyeborg” Replaces Eye With Functioning Wireless Video Camera

    Video: “Eyeborg” Replaces Eye With Functioning Wireless Video Camera

    You might remember Rob Spence, known online as the Eyeborg for his project to create a working bionic eye. We wrote about him before, and interviewed him a while back, but the project has advanced to the point where even a seasoned tech blogger is left speechless with amazement. Spence has worked with a team of engineers to adapt an endoscope into a working in-socket video camera. Read More

  • Exclusive: Sit down with Rob Spence aka Eyeborg [Update]

    Remember Rob Spence? You know, the Canadian filmmaker dude with a camera prosthetic eye aka Eyeborg? We just sat down with him for a few minutes and talked to us about his Eyeborg project and what the heck he’s doing south of the border. Hit the jump for our exclusive pics and video. Also, Rob really wants to meet Apple SVP Bertrand Serlet, so check out the video he made as well and help… Read More

  • Can't get that bionic eye working right? Put a creepy LED there instead

    Remember the Eyeborg guy we told you about a couple weeks ago? Well, as expected when you’re a scrappy little team trying to make scientific history, there have been some setbacks. You may have seen on in the video, you know, with the smoke? Well, the main guy decided that in the meantime they should at least get something in there. And of course it’s a Terminator-style… Read More