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Uber co-founder Garrett Camp steps back from board director role

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp is relinquishing his role as a board director and switching to board observer — where he says he’ll focus on product strategy for the ride hailing giant. Camp

A16Z-backed Shift.org announces veterans hiring pipeline partnership with Better.com

While across much of Asia, November 11th is either “singles day” (a $38 billion Alibaba extravaganza this year) or Pepero Day (named because 11/11 looks like a bunch of chocolate dessert sticks),

Promote helps any online marketplace get into the ad business

The latest company to emerge from startup accelerator Expa Labs is focused on helping online marketplaces make money from advertising. Promote founder and CEO Siddharth Vora used to lead the engineeri

Current wants to digitize your kid’s allowance with an app and a debit card

Who carries around cash anymore? The answer? Parents, who still need to hand out allowance and pocket money to their kids. That’s where Current comes in. Current is the latest company out of Exp

Dovetale wants to let brands of any size use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is red-hot right now. Whether you realize it or not, a material percentage of your Instagram feed today is probably content posted by people getting paid….a lot. It&#8217

Radar launches out of Expa Labs to power location services for app developers

Developers have Stripe for payments, Mixpanel for analytics, and Twilio for communications, but what about location. That’s where Radar comes in. Radar was founded by Nick Patrick, former Foursq

Inside Expa Labs, Uber co-founder’s take on the startup accelerator

There’s no shortage of startup incubators and accelerators, but there’s always room for improvement and iterations on an old operating model. Expa Labs, a six-month program for startups

Expa Labs brings on Eric Friedman as general manager

With the recent announcement of Expa Labs, New York-based Expa has also appointed a new General Manager for the incubator in the form of Eric Friedman. Friedman has been an entrepreneur in residence a