• Etymotic now offering ACS custom molding on the hf2 earphones

    A prominent sound engineer once told me that Etymotic was one of three headphone manufacturers in existence today that actually produces high fidelity in-ear ‘phones worth buying. That’s a pretty bold statement, but an accurate one. Of all the Etymotic earphones that I’ve tried, I’ve never had issue with the tree tips since they provide more than adequate… Read More

  • Etymotic ditches the lame iPhone mic, intros the hf5 earphones for real audiophiles

    It’s clear that bone conduction headphones aren’t quite there yet in terms of sound quality, so we’ll just have to cope with in-ear or over the ear headphones and today Etymotic announced a new set of hi-fi in-ears. The hf5 earphones have the same award winning technology as the hf2, but ditch the lame microphone. Tuned for a full dynamic range of sound coupled with the… Read More

  • Ruby Etymotic Research HF2 iPhone headset now available

    The Etymotic Research HF2 iPhone headset isn’t exactly new, but the ruby red colored model is. The ruby version carries the same MSRP of $179 and feature the same iPhone-friendly, high quality Etymotic audio input / output. So if black is too pedestrian and red is your thang, the HF2 Ruby is available now on Amazon. Read More

  • Back to School: In-ear 'phones

    I think it’s safe to say that 90 percent of you Collegians have iPods and 100 percent of you probably use those eardrum-popping white earbuds. Get rid of those immediately because I doubt you’ll want to trade them in for hearing aids in a few years. As I’ve said in the past, in-ears are where it’s at, so you better jump on the wagon. And we’re not going to… Read More

  • Ear to the Floor: Hot CES Audio Gear

    Ahh, CES. Where the weak are killed and eaten. And where zillions of companies decide to debut products that should’ve been smothered at birth. But a few things actually managed to impress me so far as I stumble through CES and its constellation of surrounding events. So here they are, a handful of goodies I saw and heard that make my ears glad to be attached to my head. At least… Read More

  • Etymotic ety8 Bluetooth Earbud Hands On

    The Etymotic ety8 Bluetooth earbuds are a classic example of a potentially great idea that suffers from a lack of design sense (the picture above tells all) and forethought. These industry-first wireless canalphones work with just about any Bluetooth device so you can listen to music wirelessly without being bothered by ambient noise. Since that device is very likely to be a cell phone, it… Read More

  • Etymotic Gamers' E.D.G.E.

    Etymotic Research announced today that it would be launching a new division called E.D.G.E. Acoustics. The goal of the new division is to produce enhanced definition gaming earphones. The E.D.G.E. line is said to represent the pinnacle in gaming earphones by applying sound isolation and audio accuracy to harness various audio components heard in games. The product line will be launched at… Read More