• Monday Morning Marketing Quarterback: Which Superbowl Ads Scored On The Web?

    Monday Morning Marketing Quarterback: Which Superbowl Ads Scored On The Web?

    With the Super Bowl yesterday came the time-honored Super Bowl commercials, each costing $2.5 million for a 30-second spot.  Even Google got in on the game with its first ever spot receiving rave reviews (although the commercial wasn’t new). But which commercials went beyond TV to score on the Web?  Reprise Media released a report that ranks Super Bowl advertisers based on the level… Read More

  • Cake Financial Acquired By E*Trade

    Social finance company Cake Financial has just been acquired by E*Trade. The company launched in 2007 at the first TechCrunch50 conference (when it was still TechCrunch40). Cake Financial has just posted a note to its homepage announcing the deal and to inform users that the site will no longer exist as an independent service. Instead, its features will be incorporated into… Read More

  • Hulu's Super Bowl Ad Comes With An Ad

    The Super Bowl is perhaps the one television event where people actually look forward to the ads because so much effort is put into each one. And every year, there are a handful of standouts. You can watch the ads plenty of places online, including on Hulu. You can even watch Hulu’s own Super Bowl ad on Hulu, which oddly enough is preceded by a regular Web video ad. That just seems… Read More

  • E*Trade Heading To The Deadpool?

    Shares in online broking firm E*Trade fell by over 50% Monday on speculation that the company may file for bankruptcy protection due to exposure to bad debt as part of the wider sub-prime mortgage crisis. E*Trade is a granddaddy amongst online service providers, having been found in 1991 by TradePlus as a e-stock broking service for users of America Online and Compuserve. The company boomed… Read More