• Redfin Takes On Zillow’s Zestimates With New And Improved Home Value Tool

    Redfin Takes On Zillow’s Zestimates With New And Improved Home Value Tool

    Redfin is launching a new feature today that allows prospective home buyers and sellers to better estimate a home’s value. Anybody who has ever searched for a house or tried to sell one is probably aware of Zillow’s Zestimates – even though they are mostly automated and can’t quite take aspects like locations, view, noise, neighborhood and other details of a house… Read More

  • Sad clown: Some dude in Venezuela estimates that iPad orders dropped sharply this weekend

    After pre-selling 120,000 iPads last week, an Venezuelan analyst named Daniel Tello estimated that Apple iPad pre-sales fell to 1,000 per hour on Sunday. Tello believes that the first boost was all about “pure overexcited fanboism” and the demand will fall over the next week. Read More

  • iPad sales estimated to top 120,000 on first day

    Whether the bloggers like it or not, it’s looking like the iPad is a hit. Initial estimates show that over 120,000 iPads were pre-ordered on friday, according to Investor Village. Some estimates showed roughly 50,000 devices ordered in the first two hours. Read More

  • EA Posits PS3 and Wii Launch Quantities

    In a recent conference call, Electronic Arts CFO Warren Jensen expressed EA’s beliefs about PS3 and Wii shipping quantities. Jensen stated: We’re thinking that with PlayStation 3 in North America, the [2006 shipment] range is probably 500,000 to 800,000. If you take the middle of that range, that’s approximately what Microsoft sold last year on the Xbox 360. On the Nintendo… Read More