Redfin Takes On Zillow’s Zestimates With New And Improved Home Value Tool

Redfin is launching a new feature today that allows prospective home buyers and sellers to better estimate a home’s value. Anybody who has ever searched for a house or tried to sell one is proba

Sad clown: Some dude in Venezuela estimates that iPad orders dropped sharply this weekend

<img src="">After pre-selling <a HREF="">120,000<

iPad sales estimated to top 120,000 on first day

Whether the bloggers like it or not, it’s looking like the iPad is a hit. Initial estimates show that over 120,000 iPads were pre-ordered on friday, according to Investor Village. Some estimates

EA Posits PS3 and Wii Launch Quantities

In a recent conference call, Electronic Arts CFO Warren Jensen expressed EA’s beliefs about PS3 and Wii shipping quantities. Jensen stated: We’re thinking that with PlayStation 3 in North Amer