• Nahum Sharfman, Founder Of, Perishes In Plane Crash

    We received devastating news that Nahum Sharfman, founder of, and his wife, Nava, died in a plane crash in Greece. According to The Marker (the article is in Hebrew, here’s the translated version), Sharfman, who was a well-known entrepreneur in the Israeli tech space, perished in a plane crash on the Greek island of Korfo. The story has also been broken on Twitter. Read More

  • eSnips: A Story of Hearthache (For Its Founders, Investors & Employees)

    Three years ago when Web 2.0 began proliferating, Israeli startups used eSnips as the poster child for their case that a successful social network could be founded in Israel. Based on the criteria in those days, eSnips was in fact delivering: It was able to convince top tier VCs to buy into an advertising-based business model, it leveraged user-generated content (the main activity is… Read More

  • eSnips CEO Drama Disrupts Company

    Lots of bad news leaking out of Israeli startup eSnips this week. The company, which is part social network and part file uploading service, continues to grow – recent Comscore says they had 8 million unique visitors in January, up from 2.2 million a year ago. But founding CEO Yael Elish left the company for “personal reasons” just as they were closing a round of funding a… Read More

  • eSnips Takes Hint from Online Dating, Debuts "Social DNA"

    Looks like tonight’s theme is social discovery. Israel-based eSnips, a media-centric social network we reviewed over a year ago, is releasing a new feature called “Social DNA” meant to help you discover people similar to yourself. The idea’s simple and already executed in one form or another by most online dating services. Users fill out quick and “fun”… Read More

  • Simple Web 2.0 Traffic Trends Tracker

    The folks over at eSnips have created a simple website for tracking “Web 2.0” traffic trends. The website uses Alexa data. I’d love to see someone create a similar website that ranks these Web 2.0 websites (or rather, these ones) by using various other measurements, such as # of backlinks in Technorati and # of mentions on blogs indexed by Technorati. Editor’s Note… Read More

  • ESnips Secures $2m For Media Sharing Site

    Israel based social networking and user generated media sharing site eSnips is announcing the closure of its Series A funding with $2 million from Greylock Partners and Gemini Israel Funds. Users buy and sell art, music and other user generated content on the site. The company says it has registered nearly one million users since launching this March. See our previous coverage of eSnips… Read More

  • Sharing site eSnips adds e-commerce

    Israel based eSnips is an intriguingly simple online social network for sharing images, video, files and almost anything else. We wrote about it here when it recently relaunched and now the site has added PayPal functionality to allow users to buy and sell directly on the site. The company already saw people trying to buy and sell through their pages and said that adding e-commerce only… Read More

  • Checking Out eSnips

    Israeli startup eSnips relaunched today with a new look and substantial feature upgrades. I did not have a chance to meet with eSnips during my recent trip to Israel, but CEO Yael Elish and VP Marketing Efrat Moshkoviz visited silicon valley a couple of weeks ago and i was able to get a demo. It’s hard to categorize eSnips. We looked at it as part of our review of online storage… Read More

  • The Online Storage Gang

    The online storage market is evolving fast. In the past, users could expect no more than a simple service where files could be slowly uploaded and downloaded from a mapped virtual drive or a simple web based interface. Little competition (and the bursting of the bubble) led to very high prices for a minimal amount of storage. Over the last year a slew of new services have launched (some… Read More