• EPA neither confirms nor denies the Chevy Volt's claimed 230 MPG

    I, and many of you, had a bunch of questions when GM announced that under the new EPA guidelines, the Chevy Volt will earn 230 MPG in urban driving conditions. After all the EPA hasn’t tested the Chevy Volt yet and GM was just going off the new criteria. Urban drivers could very well get 230 MPG if they only drive 40 miles a day, but once they go over that and the on-board 1.4 L… Read More

  • The EPA could give the Chevy Volt a 230 MPG rating

    You know that strange viral marketing campaign popping up around the Interwebs as of late? Well, we know what it means now thanks to GM’s CEO Fritz Henderson and it’s somewhat impressive – and a tad dubious. GM is claiming that under the new EPA guidelines, the Chevy Volt will hit 230 MPG. The Volt would be the first car to ever earn a triple digit number. Take a look at… Read More

  • EPA working closely with cellphone recycling partners

    It’s time to whip that old Nokia out of the closet and send it off to the recylcin’ barn because the EPA and some industry partners are ready to give you a little help. The EPA is working with AT&T, Best Buy, Dell, eBay’s Rethink initiative, HP, Intel, JVC, Lexmark, LG Electronics, Motorola, NEC Display, Nokia, Office Depot, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony… Read More