SwiftKey officially unwraps its emoji prediction app 🎁😆💃🔛

Keyboard app maker Swiftkey, which was acquired by Microsoft for $250 million in February, has officially launched its first product since that acquisition -- and it's an emoji-predicting keyboard app

Emojiary Is A Mobile Diary App Where You Visualize Your Feelings With Emoji

Regularly journaling your thoughts and feelings is a good way to “check in with yourself,” raise your self-awareness and connect with your intuition, but it can also be a time-consuming ac

Now There’s Not One, But Two Emoji-Only Social Networks

You wait ages for an emoji-only social network -- and then two come along in quick succession.

Hey Kids, React Messenger Lets You Send Your Own Winking Smilie Selfie With Every Text You Send

Selfies aren't done yet. Not by a long chalk. But neither are stickers -- and in a battle between selfies and stickers which comes out on top? The LA-based startup behind a new iOS messaging app, Reac

Bajca "emotional communicator"

Is typing a colon and a parentheses too much for you? Need a dedicated emoticon keyboard? Well does Bajca have a product for you. This odd thing is a concept project consisting of a bunch of little ba

Emoticons For Your Ears

Oh, fashion. How I don’t understand you. Here’s a new product that slips over your earbuds and look like emoticons. What are they called, you ask? Emotibuds!—of course. Currently, th