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Your Tweets can help predict crime

University of Virginia Assistant Professor Matthew Gerber has discovered a correlation between Tweets and crime. No, folks aren’t Tweeting that they’re going to knock over a liquor store.

BotFactory raises $1.3 million to help you build circuit boards on your desktop

Fabricating a circuit board isn’t tough but it takes a while. The back and forth, the bugs, and all of the shipping costs can turn a small project into a big problem. That’s why Botfactory

Motorola Mobility Sheds Manufacturing Bases In China, Brazil; Singapore Electronics Maker Flextronics To Take Over Operations

Google-owned Motorola Mobility is shedding its manufacturing operations in Tianjin, China, and Jaguariuna, Brazil -- with long-time manufacturing partner Flextronics agreeing to acquire the factories

Gadget Maker PCH International’s 2011 FY Results: Revenue Up 72% To $720M, Driven By Smartphone, Tablet Demand

Chinese manufacturing company PCH International has announced its 2011 full year results -- reporting a big rise in revenue and record profits off the back of strong demand for smartphones, tablets an