Verizon Is Acquiring Content Delivery Network EdgeCast For More Than $350 Million

Verizon is looking to get deeper into the content delivery business with the acquisition of Los Angeles-based CDN provider EdgeCast Networks, TechCrunch has heard. According to a source, the deal for

CDN Provider EdgeCast Gets Into The DNS Market With Launch Of EdgeCast Route

CDN provider EdgeCast wants to get into the global DNS market, and is doing so with the launch of a product called EdgeCast Route. The new DNS offering will rely on the company's global IP infrastruct

EdgeCast Launches A New Content Delivery Network Just For E-Commerce Companies

Los Angeles-based content delivery startup EdgeCast launched a new product called EdgeCast Transact, provides a dedicated CDN built just for e-commerce companies, with all the features that e-commerce

Imgur Now Sees 2 Billion Page Views A Month (And 3 Million Daily Uniques)

Imgur has a little piece of my heart. On long days (or really any day), as news picks up and I'm writing like a work horse or when news screeches to a halt and I'm bored out of my mind, Imgur is t

EdgeCast Secures $10 Million From Menlo Ventures

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/edgecast.jpg" />EdgeCast has secured $10 million in Series C funding from an investor group led by Menlo Ventures. The content delivery networ

CDNs Are Big Business, EdgeCast Get $6 Million

When we watch movies or play music online, there’s a flurry of unseen activity making sure that data arrives when and where it’s supposed to be. This is the job of the high speed fiber and