Funding to Black founders was down in 2023 for the third year in a row

There’s been a consistent yearly decline in funding since the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

Tulsa’s tech scene remains resilient amid state’s anti-DEI efforts

The hardline stance Oklahoma itself has taken against DEI is at odds with the efforts of its Tulsa tech hub.

3 years after BLM, here’s who stuck to their diversity commitments

A look back at some of the promises made by companies and investors following the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.

The Australian VC firm that sponsored California’s diversity bill

Beyond just giving women money, F5 Collective wants to create generational change for a billion women across India, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Tech’s DEI backlash is here

The backlash is only set to heat up come the 2024 election.

Investors suggest funds prepare for the fallout of the Fearless Fund lawsuit, not worry about it

To find out how the industry is reacting to this decision, TechCrunch+ spoke with one founder and four fund managers at venture firms that back women or founders of color.

VC Office Hours: How data can help improve social impact investing

Erin Harkless Moore talks about Pivotal Ventures’ investment strategy, and its future.

The civil rights movement comes to venture capital

Black women raise around 0.4% of all venture capital funds in any given year, and grant programs like what Fearless built were created to fill that funding gap.

Here’s what the Fearless Fund lawsuit could mean for venture

The American Alliance for Equal Rights winning could result in more litigation overall against businesses, universities and government agency programs.

The US could learn a lot from how the UK is crafting DEI policy for venture capital

The U.K has taken the first steps to make its venture landscape more equitable. The U.S. could take notes.

VC Office Hours: Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant starts a new chapter

Kimberly Bryant has had quite a few ups and down during her journey as an entrepreneur, especially over the past year.

Fund of funds could be the perfect vehicle for backing diverse, emerging fund managers

As the role of the fund-of-funds model changes, this new version could prove to be the perfect vehicle to help diverse and emerging fund managers.

Startups with all-women founding teams raised just $1.4B in H1

There are a few reasons why women don’t get as much investor interest as men, and none is surprising: extreme gender bias, starting at the pitch stage.

VC Office Hours: How this venture thesis aims to improve tech for women

Emmeline Ventures invests in women founders building businesses that help other women manage their health, wealth and environment.

VC Office Hours: Fabrice do Rego on building one of the few Black-led funds in the EU

'People talk about the financing gap, but most of the time, the most important gap is the information gap. You need to inform people.'

What’s it like being a Black founder in France?

Partly due to a historical "color-blind" policymaking regime, the French startup ecosystem for Black founders is shrouded in mystery.

There’s a growing desire in the UK for more Black specialty venture funds

There is an increasing number of funds saying they are dedicated toward backing diverse founders.

What happens to the smaller VC firms in a more conservative market?

For those with funds that are focused on backing diverse founders who are already working with less capital, the drawback is often the difference between another round or closing shop.

Mistral AI’s mega fundraise is a red flag for many concerned about inclusivity

The result of an opaque funding environment is that a lot happens in secrecy. Founders keep their heads down, and people move in silence, especially people of color.

The ‘AI arms race’ is about more than who will lead the industry

How Gaingels’ investor Lorenzo Thione is navigating the latest Golden Age of artificial intelligence.
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