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Six tips for getting the most out of your SIEM investment

Buying a SIEM is a massive commitment: You and your organization will need to live with your decision for years to come.

3 things businesses must do to secure applications in the AI era

Here are three actions organizations preparing their application security for a post-AI world need to consider in their security strategies.

Why aren’t venture capitalists flocking to fund cybersecurity startups?

Cybersecurity companies are enjoying stellar growth and multiples, but VCs are still hesitant to invest in these startups. What's going on?

3 key metrics for cybersecurity product managers

Talking to users, prospects and non-users will help PMs understand the needs, pain points and challenges cybersecurity teams are facing.

AI is just someone else’s computer

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard may seem cutting edge, but the underlying infrastructure is nothing new.

3 questions CISOs expect you to answer during a security pitch

Based on our experience, these are the important questions we see smart security founders answering in their pitches.

Read the room

Let's look into cybersecurity sales, developer content marketing, and fundraising pitches through a common lens: The importance of understanding your audience and putting it first.

The crackdown on pixel tracking in telehealth is a warning for every startup

Healthcare firms are scrambling to reassess how their websites collect user data following HHS' web-tracking crackdown — and your startup could be next.

6 common challenges facing cybersecurity teams and how to overcome them

Most cybersecurity founders get slowed down by the same six challenges with building products, but there are ways to overcome them.

What’s going on with the TikTok ban?

TikTok’s fate is far from sealed. We’ve answered some common questions about a situation that’s complex, confusing and changing as we speak.

Silence gets you nowhere in a data breach

An important lesson in how not to respond to a breach, courtesy of LastPass and Fortra.

Time to trust: Questions cybersecurity customers ask and how to answer them

The No. 1 question people ask as they learn about a new tool is: “What problem is this company trying to solve?”

Security breach? Don’t blame your employees

Many organizations have defaulted to a blame culture when it comes to data security, but a culture of trust is key.

Democratizing good privacy and compliance practices

Security and privacy compliance shouldn't be luxury items. The more startups that can up their game in this regard, the better.

How to manage third-party cybersecurity risks that are too costly to ignore

Most companies review their vendors at the beginning of a relationship and on an annual basis afterward, but a year is a long time in the business world.

Cybersecurity teams, beware: The defender’s dilemma is a lie

The idea that attackers have all the advantages and that defenders must be passive and wait for something to respond to is practically an axiom of cybersecurity. It is also a lie.

Twitter’s data leak response is a lesson in how not to do cybersecurity

For startups trying to avoid making the same mistake and running afoul of watchful U.S. regulators: Watch what Musk-led Twitter is doing, and do the opposite.

How well did Israel’s cybersecurity industry do in 2022?

The majority of capital that did flow into Israel's cybersecurity industry poured directly into one area: seed rounds of early-stage startups.

Pitch Deck Teardown: MedCrypt’s $25M Series B deck

MedCrypt shared with us the deck it used to raise a $25 million Series B.

A guide to navigating your first 90 days as a new CISO

How a new CISO operates during their first 90 days on the job will set the tone and precedent for the remainder of their term.
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