Photo-blending app Dubble is back from the dead

Dubble is officially (re)launching today, in v2, after a year-long hiatus off the app store while the team re-engineered the backend and applied some gloss and community-requested features on the fron

Double-Exposure Photo-Sharing App Dubble Makes Its First Monetizing Moves

Dubble, a photo-sharing iOS app with a twist -- the twist being that it turns standard photos into random double exposures by combining two users' shots to make a new image out of the two -- has made

Dubble Adds Social Hooks To Its Double-Exposure Photo-Sharing Network

The photo-sharing juggernaut rumbles on. Dubble, a photo-sharing iOS app that launched last October, has expanded its feature-set to beef up the social networking side. Its Dubble’s largest upda

Inspired By Film, Dubble Is A Photo-Sharing App That Turns Your Shots Into Digital Double Exposures

Photo-sharing has a new contender for your eyeballs. Meet Dubble: an app for iOS 7 made by a U.K. startup that lets you spice up your selfies by randomly pairing them with a photo taken by someone els