• Nintendo goes Bapey with Bape designed DS

    [photopress:RTEmagicC_bape_nds.jpg.jpg,full,center] Like your Nintendo DS? Like the cute characters from Bape? Live in Japan? Check out the link below, all three of you. Bape x Nintento DS Lite [highsnobriety] Read More

  • CrunchDeals: All Nintendo DS games at Circuit City 20% off

    Getting all whipped up to buy the cobalt blue Nintendo DS that comes out on Sunday? Why not load up on some games too? Circuit City is currently offering a 20% price reduction on all Nintendo DS games. Enjoy! Nintendo DS games [Circuit City] Read More

  • DS Lite now available in cornflower – I mean cobalt blue

    If you’ve been holding off on getting a DS lite because none match your new blue kicks, it’s time to pull out that bankroll. The handheld world’s undisputed champion is now available in sweet, sweet cobalt blue. In addition to being a cool color, cobalt has one of the coolest names of all the elements — just say it to yourself right now, “cobalt,” it… Read More

  • Here's a bunch of upcoming Wii and DS games

    Okay fellow Wii and DS owners, here’s the good news; there’s gonna be a whole lot of new games coming out this year. The bad news is that a lot of them look like fluff. There are some gems in here, yes, and maybe you’ll find more to drool about than yours truly. For any of you superfans out there, please let everyone else know in the comments which of the more obscure games… Read More

  • Wii not getting DS games, NYT screwed up multiple times

    Not only did the NYT screw up Reggie’s name two times, it screwed up the whole Wii and DS game transferring as well. An article about the Nintendo DS video game system in the Dec. 31 Business Day section of the New York Times incorrectly referred to future capabilities of the device. The statement that complete Nintendo DS games will eventually be able to be downloaded into the device via… Read More

  • Sweet Nintendo DS mock-up, with carbon-fiber trim

    I’m not entirely convinced that Nintendo’s next handheld will be another DS, but if they were to do that, it would be pretty tight if it looked like this. Your criticisms are likely already addressed at the Giz article by the creator, Phil Nolan, but whatever your quibbles are, you know you’d love to have one of these things. I actually see Nintendo going for an… Read More

  • The Wii, DS pwn everyone and their mother

    Yes, we all know the Wii is still an elusive bugger and the DS is hot stuff (it’s outselling the PSP), but the novelty of both have warn off. I don’t touch the Wii anymore, but I am learning Spanish via My Spanish Coach at the moment on my DS. The NYT has a fancy, yet bloated, article on the success of both devices for Nintendo and the only thing worth noting from the whole thing… Read More

  • Super Mario Galaxy for the DS totally awesome, totally fake

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=143887 As much as I’d like it to be true (I’ve been playing a lot of SMG lately), the professional buzzkills at Joystiq have investigated and thoroughly debunked the widely-viewed video purporting to show a DS version of Super Mario Galaxy. You can read the whole article if you like but the gist is that the original video (which… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: My Word Coach for the DS, Wii

    in my holiday gift guide, but the more I play it the more I realize what an exceptional game it is. When you first play you are put through an evaluation process to determine your Expression Potential, which is a score that represents your ability to use and command the English language. You get to pick one of four coaches who focus on different aspects of the language and help you to… Read More

  • Want to hop-up that DS of yours?

    I’m not really into portable gaming devices, but if I had to pick between the DS and PSP, I’d probably opt for the former. That’s not to say the PSP isn’t a great device. I just don’t need everything it offers and it’s kind of bulky. The DS is great tool for learning as well. But if I were to some day be into things like watching movies or listening to… Read More

  • Downloadable Nintendo DS content in Japan, a nice sandwich and glass of milk for rest of world

    I dig the DS. I have the original one and it looks like a brick but every once in a while I’ll whip out a little Castlevania, just for nostalgia’s sake. Now, however, the Japanese will be able to do even more with their DSes. We, on the other hand, can stroke them and pet them and hug them, but we won’t be able to download TV, books, and manga. The service, called… Read More

  • Familator lets you play Famicom games on your DS Lite

    If the Game Boy Advance slot on your DS Lite isn’t getting much use, this adapter might be just the thing to bring it out of its funk. It’s called the CYBER Familator Lite and it allows you to play Famicom games and, with yet another adapter and a lot of extra work, NES games from the US and A. It’ll be a Japan-only device at first, due out next month. No word on pricing but… Read More

  • Nintendo Speaks: New, Slimmer Nintendo DS for Xmas?

    Nintendo sez: probably not. If you’re waiting for that redesigned, slimmer, non-GBA-emulating Nintendo DS, don’t expect it under your tree this Xmas. Nintendo has responded to analysts who’ve said this new DS is coming by basically saying, “not really, at least not right now.” While the rumored upgrade is the natural progression for the handheld, the analysts are… Read More

  • China pirates games like it's 1999

    When searching for pirates on Google, this guy came up. I’m still giggling. We allude to piracy here every so often. The Chinese pirate like its their job. A former Microsoft employee explained what’s what in the world of Chinese video game piracy. Not only is it out in the open, but it’s so easy even a caveman could do it. Game piracy reflects general video game sales: the… Read More

  • Sony's New Slim PSP Is Selling Like Hotcakes

    And by hotcakes, I mean the iPhone. The company announced today that it has sold over 500,000 Playstation Portable units in Japan during the two weeks since its debut. Funny thing is, Sony has sold more PSP Slims in the past two weeks than it ever did with the original version of the system. I suppose the emerging pattern of “thinner is better” really applies to technology and… Read More

  • Nintendo Unveils New DS Gadget

    Nintendo DS owners today rejoiced as Nintendo unveiled yet another innovative gizmo for its popular portable system. The new Slide Sensor for the DS clips to the bottom of a DS and essentially allows a user to turn his or her DS into an optical mouse. One of the uses could be to slide the DS around to explore an in-game map. Cool, but useful? Perhaps. The Slide Sensor can be had for about $48… Read More

  • Buffalo Wi-Fi Gamer Simplifies Online, Wireless Gaming

    Back in the day, I used to write about a lot of Buffalo gadgets that tended to be Japan-only. The Wi-Fi Gamer, however, will appear on our shores sometime in August. It’s a gaming-centric router-like device that tries to address a problem gamers no doubt have encountered: connecting to a Wi-Fi access point with a game console can be a royal pain in the behind. (I hope that last… Read More

  • Nintendo's Profits Triple on Wii, DS Sales

    The implication here is that Nintendo is rolling in money As if we really needed Reuters to tell us this, but Nintendo, that small Japanese startup, is making lotsss of money as a result of the Wii and DS. Its quarterly profit—look at me use that phrase like I know what it means—more than tripled. So for all the haters out there, know that for however many message board threads… Read More

  • Nicole Kidman Hawking A DS

    Spotted on Perez earlier today, Nicole Kidman is indeed doing a Nintendo DS commercial. Not only is she a terrible actress in this commercial, but the whole thing doesn’t even have an ounce of humor in it. It’s very plain. Shame she went from being such a great actress to this. Acts of De$paration [Perez Hilton] Read More